Circumcision of girls: criminal offense genital mutilation

The idea is not new, but the likelihood of success is better: Siegfried Kauder (CDU) calls for a criminal offense for "female genital mutilation".

Siegfried Kauder (CDU) wants to take more decisive action against female genital mutilation in Germany. Picture: ap

Rarely do politicians in government positions of responsibility and human rights activists come to a common denominator. But on the issue of female genital mutilation, there seems to be an exception after years of inconsequential demands from NGOs and the opposition.

Dancefloor by kalabrese and coma: retro can also be precarious

Whether history-consciously cool or youthfully boisterous: new house designs from Zurich by Kalabrese and from Cologne by Coma show the will to party on.

Rummaged in the right second-hand record crates: Kalabrese. Image: Florian Kalotay

It’s complicated on the dancefloor of the present day. On countless Tumblr and Soundcloud accounts, some kind of future is dreamed up between digital multiplicity, video game nostalgia and the slick futures of the recent past. Only on the dancefloors, rarely anything of this arrives.

Restrictions during the holidays: easter becomes an indoor event

Chancellor Merkel and state leaders extend strict contact restrictions until after Easter. A mask requirement is not coming.

In domestic isolation: Angela Merkel is currently ruling by telephone switch Photo: Michel Kappeler/dpa

At the beginning of the telephone press conference with the chancellor, important prime ministers and journalists, there was a breakdown. The line broke down, a few minutes pause, then a new switch was set up. "Yes, Merkel?" the chancellor announced. And asked, "Is Soder still on?"

Decisions of the federal constitutional court: extraditions prevented

Successful constitutional complaints: Two Chechens may not be extradited to Russia, Germany’s highest court ruled.

View of the bench of the Second Senate at the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe Photo: Uli Deck/dpa/picture alliance

The Federal Constitutional Court has prevented the extradition of two Russian citizens of Chechen origin to Russia. The highest German court justified this on Wednesday in Karlsruhe with the danger that they would be threatened with political persecution in the Russian constituent republic of Chechnya or that they would be exposed to criminal proceedings that do not meet minimum standards.

Decision on advance maintenance payments: “a milestone”.

The Family Ministry wants to pay the advance on child support for single parents for longer. Family associations are pleased.

All’s well that ends well Photo: dpa

"Now the champagne corks can pop," writes the Association of Single Mothers and Fathers (VAMV) in its press release. Single parents and their children would have a reason to celebrate. There are not often such messages.

Restrictions and corona: local exit barriers allowed.

Hotspots of the Corona pandemic are to be able to be sealed off "purposefully". This was decided by the state chancelleries of the federal states and the Federal Chancellery.

Official exit ban for residents of a corona hotspot? Gutersloh district in June Photo: Leon Kuegeler/reuters

The federal and state governments want to allow localized exit bans in acute Corona outbreaks to prevent the virus from spreading. Such restrictions should be "targeted and do not have to apply to the entire district or the entire independent city," according to a draft resolution by the heads of the Federal Chancellery and the state chancelleries of the Lander. Rather, they could limit themselves to the "areas actually affected."

Resolution on the expansion of electricity grids: grid expansion to become faster

A government bill provides for fewer objection options for citizens – and a little more money for farmers.

More of it, and fast: Peter Altmaier at the construction site of an electricity pylon Photo: dpa

In order to accelerate the energy turnaround, the expansion of the power grids must also progress faster than before. To this end, the federal cabinet passed a comprehensive legislative package on Wednesday. It provides that certain planning steps can be omitted in the future if power lines are reinforced on existing pylons or routes.

Package of resolutions by the bundesrat: family reunification remains limited

The Bundesrat approves the suspension of family reunification. It passes bills on cybercrime, gun controls and gaffers.

A Syrian woman works on an art project in Mannheim. Whether her family can be with her is unclear Photo: dpa

The Bundesrat passed a whole series of bills on Friday and agreed to suspend family reunification. It will remain suspended for refugees with limited protection status until the end of July. From August 1, it will be possible for this group to bring close relatives to Germany only to a very limited extent. Schleswig-Holstein had pleaded for the project to be stopped for the time being and for the mediation committee of the Bundestag and Bundesrat to be called upon. However, the state was unable to achieve the necessary majority for this initiative – although criticism of the regulation also came from other federal states.

Resolutions of the coalition committee: one billion for farmers

The Grand Coalition wants to harmonize environmental protection and farmers’ interests. Innovations are also planned for the labor market and the automotive industry.

A package of measures worth billions is to be introduced to reduce nitrate pollution in fields Photo: imago

Against the backdrop of fierce farmer protests, the grand coalition is planning billions in aid for farmers. In order to support farmers in the upcoming transformation process, one billion euros will be made available within four years for agri-environmental programs and investments. This is stated in the resolution paper of the coalition committee. The committee met until early Thursday morning and also decided on measures for the labor market and the automotive industry.

Dancehall musician bounty killer: homophobic legacy

15 years ago, the artist attracted attention due to strong homophobia – and was not allowed to perform in Germany. That is now to change. The protest is large.

Bounty Killer at a performance in New York Photo: imago/ZUMA Press

Against the planned performances of the Jamaican artist Bounty Killer in Germany, resistance is stirring. The dancehall musician, who is associated with the anti-gay "Battyman Tunes" scene and who incited against homosexuals in the vilest way in early song lyrics, is scheduled to perform in Dortmund, Wuppertal, Regensburg and Berlin from the end of April. This would be the first time in ten years that Bounty Killer, whose concerts in Germany in 20 were canceled after protests and who was temporarily denied entry, would be back on stage in this country.