After the fire of the hamburg club: pudel building blocked

The dispute between the owners of the Pudel building is coming to a head again. Shortly before the forced auction, one of them prevents the redevelopment.

Still salvageable? Among the Pudel owners there is apparently also dissent about this Photo: dpa

The roof is makeshift patched, but from its reopening, the Golden Pudel Club is still far away: The redevelopment of the alternative music club on the harbor, which was severely damaged by a fire on February 13, is not progressing. According to the club’s operators, the reason for this is the behavior of part owner Wolf Richter. He prevents the start of reconstruction, writes the Pudel collective in a statement.

The joint owners of the Holzhaus Rocko Schamoni and Wolf Richter have been at odds for years. Nevertheless, shortly after the fire it looked as if everything could happen very quickly: The insurance company had agreed to cover the damage, and it was said that the club could return to party and event operations in a few weeks. According to descriptions on the Pudel operators’ homepage, Richter and Schamoni had agreed, after a joint assessment of the fire damage, to completely remove the roof and the second floor. Instead, a flat roof was to be placed on the first floor – the damage caused by the fire and the extinguishing water was too serious.

However, the owners had not yet commissioned a construction company to carry out the repairs – two companies had made cost estimates and Rocko Schamoni had quickly decided on one. Wolf Richter, however, had not. He could not be reached either. Until he would have contacted through his lawyer to say that he considered the lease void. "The Poodle Collective has no right to restoration of the rental property," the lawyer’s letter said. His reasoning: If the leased property, i.e., the club, no longer exists, there is no longer a lease.

Owner of the property are the former friends Rocko Schamoni and Wolf Richter.

The operator of the club on the first floor is the Pudel-Kollektiv, whose lease still runs until 2029.

Since 2011 the Pudel has been spatially separated.

Upstairs Richter leased to a commercial cafe.

Downstairs the collective runs the club.

Communication Since then, the only communication between the opposing parties has been through a lawyer.

However, this case does not apply to the poodle, says tenancy lawyer Christiane Hollander, who is also a founding member of the Poodle Association for Counterculture, which wants to transfer the poodle to a foundation. "It is absolutely annoying that Wolf Richter is dragging out the repair process like this," Hollander says. Just one day later, Richter contacted her again by lawyer to suggest another construction company, she reports. Richter then wanted to carry out construction work under his supervision after all. After the preceding events, however, co-owner Schamoni refused.

The operators’ collective emphasizes on its homepage how important it is for the non-commercial project to reopen quickly in order to at least approximately cover the ongoing costs. That is why they continue to insist on the renovation. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but the police assume that it was arson.

It becomes exciting for all Pudel fans on 20 April – then the compulsory auction of the real estate stands. Richter had initiated this against Schamoni’s will.