Air and love column: rumble, crash, smash a taboo

Where attention is scarce and fear is everywhere, it’s okay to make an ass of yourself. Even with tradition and eggs.

No taboo, but visibly smashed. Image: blindguard /

Oh, it’s not easy these days. You have to fight like an animal. You have to summon up all your courage, gather yourself together and then: blurt out your suppressed opinion – bang, bang, bang – smash a taboo, throw yourself at it with all your might, either with a kick or an ass bomb, which for some people doesn’t take that much.

Taboos lurk everywhere, and attention is a scarce commodity, unlike fear. Fear is there. Fear of the strange, the new, the gooey. The nice thing is that you don’t have to be alone with it. There are many forms of therapy. Talking, acting, joining forces.

Sibylle L. is one such person who has overcome her fear. Just talked about how deep it all sits with her. The father, the mother, ouch! Sperm in plastic cups. How disgusting is that. "Rather dark thoughts," she admitted. The Lord God will fix it. Hands on the bedspread, looking at the cross.

Not so with Matthias M., he not only talks, he also acts. He has tried out "all alternative forms of life and all possible forms of sexuality", and for this reason he too should not be mentioned by his full name. He has written this in a letter to Stefan N., a public letter, of course. And it doesn’t matter then what images these "all possible forms" evoke, because where it’s about freedom of expression and all that, a few through-fucked baby seals, cheese puffs and Lego bricks don’t matter either.

What matters is visibility. So that you don’t feel so marginalized, with all these taboos from people who want to tell you what to do. The courageous people from the "Young Alternative for Germany" have painted signs for "equality instead of egalitarianism.

For them, equality has a lot to do with housewives, mothers and doors held open, so it’s still okay to write that on a piece of paper. "I’m not a feminist because a mother is just as valuable as a CEO!" – Yes, yes. Namely, at least a hundred million Reichsmarks.

What also helps is to simply declare debates over. The young AfD knows this. "I’m not a feminist because women’s equality is complete – now it’s up to women themselves to take their chance!" It’s a trick. Not everyone figures it out, but you have to be able to do it.

The most beautiful, however, is the statement: "I’m not a feminist because I have balls in my pants even without gender!" Basically, everything is in there. You shouldn’t catch a gender like that any more than you should catch a habitus; it’s very difficult to get rid of.

You shouldn’t laugh at all these courageous people. They are addressing their fears, and that’s important. Freedom of expression is a must. Of course, it’s also just an individual opinion that they’re making an ass of themselves with fervor.

Because all this is not just right-wing populism. It’s part of a tradition that’s at least as old as the German autobahn. Shallow and dark, that is. But tradition.