Angry citizen column: parents of brats are plagues

There are places where only adults should enjoy themselves. But some people think they absolutely have to have their children with them everywhere.

Children can also have a lot of fun without adults. Picture: dpa

I could read on the cover of a cheap lifestyle magazine how immoderate the demands on families and especially on women are today. The editors claim that a career, a tight butt and raising children should be easy to manage with their 20 turbo tricks.

I recently had to observe how this works in practice at a concert. Two overtired children with colorful soundproofing on their ears – that’s how much care they have to take – were shipped off to hundred-euro seats and allowed to listen for almost three hours to an old man who couldn’t sing and was therefore hiding in the dark.

These nonsensical family outings are no exception, but now the rule. Under the pretext of letting the little ones participate in their big life, they are dragged along everywhere. Instead of going to the forest, they go to an exhibition on Sunday, where the children behave like children. They run around through the rooms and between the exhibits, are loud, whine and want to get out. After half an hour with them in the room, I just want to leave, too.

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Excited kids

The parents of the kids, on the other hand, manage to confidently ignore the legitimate whining of their offspring. Just like the fact that there are places where only adults have fun. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get the idea of dragging their offspring to parties where half the guests are drunk and the rest drunk. And in the midst of it all, kids who are completely wound up and, if they’re unlucky, get hit on the head.

The reaction to my subtle hints that it’s time to take the kids to the playground or to bed is always the same. I’m a child-hating buzzkill and I’m supposed to loosen up. Since I don’t succeed, I now avoid such festivities and prefer to go jogging. This is supposed to be good for the gluteal muscles.