Homicide in chemnitz: one arrested man released again

The Chemnitz public prosecutor’s office has released a 22-year-old man from pre-trial detention. There is no urgent suspicion against him.

Commemoration in Chemnitz: 35-year-old Daniel H. was stabbed to death at the city festival three weeks ago Photo: dpa

One of the suspects arrested after a fatal knife attack on 35-year-old Daniel H. in Chemnitz is free again. An urgent suspicion of the 22-year-old could no longer be assumed, said the spokeswoman for the Chemnitz prosecutor’s office, Ingrid Burghart, on Tuesday after a detention hearing. The Iraqi was released from custody on Tuesday.

The man’s lawyer stressed in a statement on his homepage that it was "a figment of the prosecution’s imagination" that his client could have been one of the accomplices. "No witness to the crime accused my client of involvement in the crime. Witnesses could not identify him from photographs. The police found a knife with blood on it from the victims. But fingerprints of my client were not on it," explained lawyer Ulrich Dost-Roxin.

A second suspect remains in custody. There is still urgent suspicion against the 23-year-old man, the Chemnitz prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday.

Both men are fugitives and had been suspected of stabbing a 35-year-old Daniel H. in the open street on August 26 and injuring two other men with knife wounds, some of them seriously. The Chemnitz police had arrested the two men shortly after the fatal knife attack. As a further suspect, another man is wanted with an arrest warrant. An international manhunt is underway for him. The charge is joint manslaughter.

Following the violent crime on the fringes of the Chemnitz city festival, there had been several demonstrations by right-wing forces and racist attacks. Right-wing radicals from all over Germany had also taken part in the rallies against the federal government’s migration policy.

Preliminary proceedings are underway against several people for, among other things, using symbols of unconstitutional organizations. Two men have already been sentenced to five months in prison and eight months probation for showing the Hitler salute.