Polizeiruf 110: hard, harder, magdeburg

A twelve-year-old is beaten up and dies. What does the brother have to do with it? The current Polizeiruf does not spare scenes of violence.

Twelve-year-old Marko lies beaten up in the street Photo: MDR/Christine Schroeder

Recently, it was noted in this space how little television commissioners in this country give to polite phrases: please, thank you, such trifles. Similarly puzzling is the fact that in 90 percent of the cases, the commissioner does not end the questioning of suspects.

If the witnesses get too angry, they leave. Or start pruning the roses in the garden. The youth welfare worker in the new "Polizeiruf" episode from Magdeburg storms out of the police station with a "I think that’s enough!" together with his protege. Just like that.

"Endstation" has become a tough "Polizeiruf. A twelve-year-old boy is beaten up on the street, he dies in front of the police station. Normally, the violent scene is left out: cut, a broken toy, the abandoned schoolbag next to the curb. Director Matthias Tiefenbacher gets specific, which is pretty hard to take. Because one hopes that maybe someone will come to protect the freckled child’s face.

But no one comes: not the drug-addicted mother, not the completely overstrained foster parents, who had imagined everything "somehow different" with the foster children. Not the big brother Sascha (Nino Bohlau), on whom the investigations of Inspector Brasch (Claudia Michelsen) and her new colleague Kohler (Matthias Matschke) focus. Did the little one have to be the lookout for his big brother during a series of burglaries? Is that why he wanted to join the police?

"Endstation"; Sunday, 8:15 p.m., ARD

The horror ending is pretty predictable. Still, it’s worth watching. It’s very entertaining how Mattschke, as an annoying sympathizer, infuriates his new colleague from the very first second. Fortunately, crime thrillers aren’t that polite.