Raid on hamburg house project: traces from the park bench

The search of a house project is probably related to the "Three from the Park Bench" and the anniversary of the G20 summit.

Walking sticks are probably not yet considered arming: Three on a park bench Photo: dpa

In left-wing shared flats, it is customary for the residents to write their names on the respective room door. This way, in the event of a search of the apartment, the police know which room to look in to find clues about a particular person and do not search all the rooms – or so the hope is. It is not entirely clear how it went last Wednesday when a left-wing house project in Wilhelmsburg was searched – the police were alone in the apartment for 20 minutes until the residents* arrived.

The reason for the raid was the proceedings against the "Three from the Parkbank". In the night of 8. July, on the second anniversary of the G20 summit in Hamburg, three people were arrested in a park in Eimsbuttel – allegedly because they had behaved conspicuously. In one of their backpacks, the investigators found incendiary devices and a note with addresses related to the Hamburg housing industry.

Two of the three have been in pre-trial detention since the arrest, the reason: risk of absconding and a high expected sentence. The public prosecutor’s office accuses them of "joint conspiracy to commit the crime of aggravated arson in combination with a violation of the Weapons Act".

Police confirm connection only indirectly

The third person was released on conditional release because, unlike the others, his residential and registration address matched, explained Nana Frombach, spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office. According to taz information, the person lives in the Wilhelmsburg housing project.

Anonymous authors on Indymedia

"The LKA behaved in its usual way out of line. Witnesses were not admitted and further rooms were entered."

Police spokesman Ulf Wundrack only indirectly confirms that the house search is connected to the Parkbank trial: "It was a search by the State Protection Service out of an ongoing investigation and served to find written documents." DNA samples had also been taken. The search had covered the defendants’ room as well as jointly used rooms.

An entry on Indymedia had first reported the connection – residents* of the project confirmed it. "The LKA behaved in the usual way," write the Indymedia authors. "Witnesses were not admitted and further premises of the apartment were entered."

Solidarity sabotage actions

The case of the "Three from the Park Bench" had caused expressions of solidarity far beyond Hamburg. A left-wing center in Vienna sent solidarity greetings; groups in Leipzig, Frankfurt, Bremen, Berlin and other cities sent solidarity photos and dedicated attacks on cars and other sabotage actions to the three. One group of supporters runs a blog on which they post updates, collect expressions of solidarity and publish dates, for example, for Soli concerts.

At the same time, however, the proceedings are causing a certain amount of unrest: the claim that the defendants were controlled because of their conspicuous behavior seems implausible to many. After all, how conspicuous should one behave in order to be checked at night as a white person in Eimsbuttel – especially if one is carrying incendiary devices?