Trump, scheuer and german unity: is it even true?

Even before you think of compassion, you wonder if Trump’s corona infection isn’t just Fake News after all. Indes: Worst Case in the Ministry of Transport.

The only female Bundesliga referee, Bibiana Steinhaus, unexpectedly ends her career Photo: Sven Hoppe/dpa

site: Mr. Kuppersbusch, what was bad about the past week?

Friedrich KuppersbuschMitte, Neukolln and Kreuzberg are risk areas.

And what will be better this week?

taz … should we get you out of there?

Donald Trump and his wife Melania are sick with Covid-19. A campaign appearance by Trump in Florida has been canceled. Is his campaign now over?

Trump-era means: even before you think sympathy, get well soon and consequences for the election campaign – you first ask: is it even true? Behind: Certainty that it will have a massive impact on the election campaign. Behind it: No idea how. It did Johnson no harm, Bolsonaro no harm, and so the interim result is that Covid19’s semi-permeable cell membrane is waterlogged when it comes to populist autocrats. Trump can emerge as the unsinkable one – or as the one punished by God for his hopeful speeches. Until further notice: no hugs, no handshakes with Joe Biden, please.

Andreas Scheuer had to justify himself before the committee of inquiry because of his toll debacle. But he was unable to answer crucial questions. Will this person ever resign?

In January, Markus Soder stunned with the demand for "new and fresh forces for the second half." He then started to oraculate: Altmaier was acting unhappily, Merz could mob him out, and Karliczek, the Federal Commissioner for the Unknowns, would not be a loss either. Then the focus shifted to Soder’s own gang: Seehofer old and loose cannon, Scheuer with a colorful selection of reasons for resignation. In May, Soder retracted his threat. Finally, in September, Development Minister Muller announced his withdrawal. Result: best CSU man off the board, second half with spent forces. Scheuer inherited an ailing farm: botched rail policy, digital infrastructure just above cave equation, exhaust gas scandals, coddled air traffic. Where there was still room to splash out, Scheuer delivered and drove the ill-fated toll issue up the wall. After four CSU officeholders, the Ministry of Transport is its own worst-case scenario.

After right-wing chat groups among police officers from NRW were busted, now employees of the constitutional protection agency there are also said to have spread racist agitation. What is still to come?

Not much. After all, one disciplinary procedure has been completed here, and three are still in progress – in other words, it has been clear internally for some time. True to the motto "Who guards the guardians?" the right-wing constitutional protectors were deployed to monitor right-wing activities; there is obviously an infectious good mood. The alarm signal is that there is no desire to demand the resignation of the interior minister, because the same thing probably happened before him.

Saturday marked the 30th anniversary of German unity. How united is Germany really?

In the past, the contradictions were sorted out in a nice German way. Now we have great disunity in the collection vessel. The country is here multicultural, migrant, there right-wing radical and dark German. End-capitalist, socially dreamy. Gradually, this is detaching itself from geography. About 83 million discriminated people are happy to complain about the other 83 million who discriminate against them. The holiday motto "We with each other" emphasizes the basic-teutonic longing for hymnal "unity and …" in the first place. A fallacy. We lack "diversity" as a declared national goal. Who will put up with us if we can’t manage it ourselves?

Bibiana Steinhaus was the only female referee in the Bundesliga, but she has now ended her career. She has so far left the reasons for this open. Not very motivating for aspiring female referees, is it?

She has emphatically settled the fundamental debate "Can a woman referee a top men’s game?" gently, with 65 yellow cards and zero reds. Now and then, this may encourage the courage of young female referees and the ambition of the bosses to get one of their own through to the top. In Steinhaus’ case, the fact that she was passed over for promotion as the best second-division referee became a rather nebulous political issue; next time, the industry and the media will probably be alert. In short: The ball is on the penalty.

And what do the Borussians do?

Every time you think, "They’re playing so badly, they’re playing against the coach" – they slap the next opponent four-nil away. We’re not going to be champions, we’re going to be divas.

Questions: Denis Giessler